Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feed The Birds

Evenin' squires,

Waaaay back in the dim and distant past, last February, that splendid fellow Piers set up a new screenwriting forum, to serve as a sort of UK version of The Artful Writer and Wordplay.

He called it Feed the Birds (no idea, ask him), and many of us twittering, blogging, screeching screenwriters signed up straight away and got electronic-chin-wagging. It was all very exciting.

Since then it's gotten a little quiet, so we thought we'd have a bit of a promotion and try and draw in some fresh blood.

As The Webmaster has said over at his gaff, it's a great place to ask questions, share knowledge and discuss writing (or not writing) with a community of like minded folk. Or to lark about when you should be getting on with some real work. You could even use it to make contacts and promote your work.

Why not check it out? I hope to see you there.

Feed The Birds


  1. He called it that for precisely the reason you chose that picture - his website is

    Obvious. (If actually a misquote.)

  2. Yes. An obvious link to his website, not an obvious name for a screenwriting forum.

    It was just a light-hearted aside. He can call it whatever he likes, it's his forum after all.

  3. Actually an accurate quote *of* a misquote. :)