Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Proclamation

Although I’ve mentioned this elsewhere already I haven’t really properly announced it. I don't want to make a big fuss but as it’s likely to come up quite a lot in the future – and for the rest of my life - it’s time I made some sort of proclamation...

My lovely wife and I are expecting our first child in a little over seven weeks. We're very excited and so far all is very well indeed with Mother and child. The baby can certainly kick and seems to enjoy listening to us reading Thomas the Tank Engine and The Gruffalo. There has also been some indication that our imminent child favours the works of Rage Against the Machine and Radiohead. Should fit in just fine then.

Here are some pics...


  1. Congratulations, my dear fellow! How wonderful.

    Furthermore, this conclusively proves that writers do get laid. Inspiring!

  2. It's true! It's true! It happened to me.

    Thanks for the kind words, Mr A.

  3. Hurrah!

    Write like a devil, while you still can!

  4. Well, my heartiest congrats to you and the missus. How lovely. You do realise your entire life is now going to change!

    All the very best.

  5. Paul - I know, against the clock or what?!

    Frank - See, I think I know that... We'll see!

    Phill - Thanks, really looking forward to it!

    Thanks for the best wishes, you're all lovely.