Sunday, February 08, 2009

Did you mean: rob stidler?

Search terms, we do love them don't we. Here's some of the burning issues that bring those with a thirst for knowledge to the Island...

overrated noel clarke - Not by me, I think he's great.

Did Leon Jackson see ghostface pictures in the xfactor - Please don't come here again.

I don't know nuffing about no skellingtons - Ah, a Hot Fuzz enthusiast.

how do i stop my door getting jammed when it's damp? - Don't live in Worcester.

steps to follow to survive in an island - Step one, climb out of island...

sicknote facebook - What? Do you need a sicknote if you're not going to sign in or something?

this user has
no friends yet - Oh thanks Google, thanks a lot.

richard sharpe jokes - Someone writing an after dinner speech at the Bernard Cornwell Appreciation society annual dinner?

he's not my lover he's my boyfriend - Oooooooooooooookay.

In reality most people come here because they're searching for the Red Planet prize, Springfields lyrics or Charters and Caldicot. But none of those are that amusing.


On a more serious note this week was pretty disastrous writing wise. Lost a lot of time getting to and from work in the snow. This is really my own fault for a)living so far from where I work and b)living in Sedgley, which is placed upon an atmospheric rift which exaggerates whatever weather the rest of the country is having (If you see a light mist we get a pea souper, bit of drizzle? We get the monsoon. I'd complain but you know I love it really, it's so atmospheric!).

My boss is also off for a couple of weeks so work is a little more trying than usual, I did bear this in mind when planning this months writing work but forgot to account for the worst snow in eighteen years. Schoolboy error.

Luckily all I wanted to do was work up two TV treatments to try and decide what I'm going to write next month, so I can spare one lost week.

Hoping for some feedback on my most recent script next week. I'm also considering sticking it up on Trigger Street but a little foolishly paranoid about copyright stuff.

OK, that's all for now.

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