Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The 7.10 to Euston

I had resolved not to post until the end of the month but find myself on the train with very little to do. If only I had an Asus! On the plus side I do have access to email and therefore you! No pretty pictures today though sorry.

Haven't posted a proper update in about a month so what the hell have I been doing? Well...

As work (the bill paying kind) tends to gear up going into Christmas I expected not to get much writing done. In fact I wrote December off altogether and concentrated instead on catching up on some reading and viewing.

Christmas was lovely. Our first in our new house, our first where we didn't have to dash up/down the motorway on Christmas eve, our first with Nyssa. Of course it was all over a little quick, even with my generous five days off. Before you know it the decorations are coming down and you're wondering why you spend so much longer preparing for Christmas than enjoying it...

New Years aren't really our thing so it was a quiet one. Particularly quiet as Emma went to bed poorly which left Nyssa and I to see in 2009 on our own. We celebrated via GTA IV (actually I thought the code crunchers might have put some fireworks in for New Year visitors to Liberty City but I was disappointed, perhaps in GTA V!).

I do have some resolutions, and a follow up to last years, but it was a scibosphere resolution frenzy at the start of the month so I'll save mine until the end. Just to be different.

That's enough for now. I'll post properly towards the end of January. Must go as the man is coming for my ticket so I'm afraid I'll have to trap him in a private cabin, strangle him with his tie and haul him out of the window as we pass through a tunnel. Even I can't really be expected to blog as I murder.

"Oh my ticket? Yes certainly, I think I put it over here..."

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