Monday, June 02, 2008

Post Birthday Update

Hullo, I'm back from my blogholiday with a nice blogtan and some blogsnaps to show you later. Hope you all had a lovely time while I was away. I did consider prolonging my experiment in posting only through the medium of screenplay but decided it was lunacy. Expect that one again when I'm next at the end of my tether.

What's that? I beg your pardon? Did you ask what I'd been up to? Well tough cuz I'm telling you anyhow...

I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kind of dipped in and out at the time but last week I watched the first series (it's only twelve episodes!) and had a mini epiphany. I'll likely wax Buffy (if you see what I mean) and Whedon (Urh!) in more depth soon so in the mean time suffice to say that I immediately took advantage of the PLAY sale to order the next couple of series. I liked it. A lot. In fact it's like a handbook on how to do modern telly.

Went to see Indiana Jones and the - uh -Kingdom of the Crystal - no, don't tell me, - Skull - right? I really enjoyed about ninety percent of it, in fact if I block out the other ten percent I had a great time. It's a good job Harrison Ford was awesome because there were some issues elsewhere...

2000AD have a 'jumping on' issue this week with all new stories, there's Sinister Dexter, Nikolai Dante, a new Dredd thriller but most awesomely of all a second series for Defoe by Pat Mills & Leigh Gallagher. I loved the first run and if you like Zombies, alternative history and comics then you probably will too.

Had a birthday, woo hoo! Oddly I share a birthday with the mighty Arnopp but we decided not to celebrate together as that would be weird. Amongst other bits and, indeed, bobs I had Tomb Raider Anniversary for my PSP (so much for plotting story arcs on the 6.27 to Birmingham New Street), Alan Moore's complete Future Shocks (learning from the master - I'm determined to come up with a decent submission for 2000ad this year!), a NASA Space pen that writes upside down or under water (just the thing for making notes in the bath), and a zombie pirate snowstorm from the loverrly lady.

Speaking of Zombie Pirates I also finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End (disappointing, no make that very disappointing), Control (good, and so British it hurt - lovely) and 30 Days of Night (Nah). All that and I still found time to paint the living room.

Work is progressing well, currently partway through a couple of projects to be completed by the end of the month. I'm driving myself quite hard because I'm sick of moaning to myself - a new tactic which I'm finding quite effective so far. Finally settled into the new writey room too (see right).

That's it for now, speak soon...


  1. Jesus Christ, is that one of those TARDIS-shaped video units? The ones designed to take all the BBC video releases? I covet, yes, I covet.

  2. Just to let you know, I've blown up that photo of your board and stolen all your ideas.


  3. Jason - Sadly not, it's one of the retail display units from the (re)launch of the BBC Doctor Who novels a couple of years ago. Still pretty cool I think.

    Phill - Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Still, I suppose it's only fair since I stole the idea for the board from you. You'll have to fill out act three a bit so good luck with that.

  4. WwooooooooooooooooBuffy!

    Of course when you get to season 4, you'll have to buy Angel as well, or it will make NO SENSE.

    I can also recommend the Buffy season 8 collections once your done with the telly watching. They're top hole.

  5. Cool bookcase!!! And if I’m not mistaken partly filled with old Doctor Who “Target” paperbacks. How are you doing collection wise? I’ve only got around half of them.

  6. Oli - Hmm, I had wondered if I might get away with watching all of Buffy then doing Angel if I felt like.

    Ah well, serves me right for being late with my homework.

    Dave - I've got fifty-odd (having just counted them (and then forgotten the exact number)) which is just over a third-ish and pretty rubbish when you consider that the first one I bought was The Keys of Marinus in my local newsagent in about 1981. I clearly need to pull my finger out and get down that ebay.

    Actually given the prevalance of Target novelisation collections amongst us bloggers perhaps a meme is in order...

  7. Hi Rob I did a better count and I’ve got about two fifths not a half.

    I’ve also put a Target novel post over at the shed with a general shout to anybody else.

    Over to you.