Friday, June 06, 2008

On Target!

No, not 'on target' in terms of personal objectives or anything like that (though I have had a very good week), I'm afraid I'm banging on about Doctor Who. Again.

Eagle-eyed Island visitor Dave spotted my collection of Target Doctor Who novelisations in the previous post which has sparked a bit of conversation.

Knowing that there are more Target book owners out there in the blogosphere (you know who you are!) we thought it might be fun to compare notes in a meme-ish sort of way!

I personally have a collection of 53 books. The first I ever bought was The Keys of Marinus (to this day I've never seen the original TV version - I fear it may not live up to my pre-pubescent imagination) in my local newsagents in the very early eighties. The last one I picked up was Ghostlight off of ebay last year.

Pop over to Dave's place and rediscover the magic!

So come on you lot, own up (Yes I am looking at you Phill, Jase, Paul and Piers)!

Have good weekends everyone...


  1. I remember being horrified back in 198? when (I think) Destiny Of The Daleks came out, and the cover price had increased to £1.25. One pound! Twenty five pence!

  2. I have 152 unique books, 153 if you count 'K9 and Company' and 154 if you count the extra edition of 'Meglos' I seem to have acquired.

    Six of them were stolen from public libraries; five by me and one by Damon Albarn's ex-girlfriend, a rather nice librarian who once took a liking to me.

    I gave 'The Green Death' away in the North East and bought it again in a jumble sale (or something similar) in the Midlands, only to discover it had my name and address written inside the cover. Somehow, the book had tracked me from Newcastle to Warwick.

  3. Bollocks, that's not quite right. I have more doubles than I thought and three of the 150-odd are the 'Missing Episodes' which may or may not count.

    147 unique series books.
    3 Missing Episodes
    3 Doubles
    1 K-9 and Company


    I think

  4. Dammit, all my Targets are in storage right now.

    Lots, lets put it like that.

    Also a battered old paperback copy of "Dr Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks"

  5. Pushed my total up to 84, thanks to eBay.

  6. I have not one of the books... it needed to be said (really?). However, I have a near complete collection of the videos- they hadn't invented DVD- still looking for a couple just to finally complete.

  7. I can't remember how many of them I've got. Not all of them for sure. But I was there at the beginning! I have the original prints of the first three from 1973 with those frankly brilliant Chris Achilleos covers.

    A wonderful range of books that got me into reading, writing not arithmetic...drawing. I wanted to be Chris Achilleos as a teen.

    Pity it all went horribly wrong.

    And yes, Mr. Barron. I too wrote my name and address on the inside cover. Kiddies did that sort of thing in them olden days.

    All the books are now in my dining room, rather resplendent on the shelf next to the gay porn. That suggests some bizarre connection that I really don't want to go into right now.

    And didn't you love that bit where it used to say 'In preparation...'
    That was as exciting as waiting for a new series to start.