Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scenes from The Island of Dreams (i)

EXT. The Sea - Day

Camera rushing over blue water towards a small desert island. As the island draws nearer music (MUSIC - 'The Island of Dreams' by The Springfields) can be heard, getting louder.

                     THE SPRINGFIELDS
                I wander the streets
                And the gay crowded places
                Trying to forget you
                But somehow it seems
                That my thoughts ever stray
                To our last sweet embraces
                Over the sea on the island of dreams

There is a dense copse of palm trees on one half of the island. The only building is a small wooden hut at the edge of the trees. There are no signs of life on the island. Closing in on the hut.

Inside the hut is a desk with a typewriter and half a cup of tea on it. A corkboard with coloured index cards pinned to it. A book props up a leg of the desk (Elements of Style).

The music is coming from a CD player on the floor behind the door. The repeat light is flashing.

                     THE SPRINGFIELDS
                High in the sky is a bird on the wing
                Please carry me with you
                Far far away from the mad rushing crowd
                Please carry me with you

The camera backs out of the hut. Linger on a post-it fluttering on the hut door, handwritten in black biro, 'BACK IN 5 MINUTES'.

Rushing back now, across the sea, the island receding into the distance. Nothing but blue sea everywhere.

                     THE SPRINGFIELDS
                Again I would wander
                Where memories enfold me
                There on the beautiful island of dreams
                Far far away on the island of dreams


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