Friday, February 29, 2008

Very Superstitious

I'm not normally a superstitious person. Oddly working in IT has made me more wary of tempting fate then I have ever been before. We're in the middle of buying a house at the moment and Emma and I have been stopping ourselves saying 'everything seems to be going ok,' or 'we haven't had any problems so far,' or anything else that providence could possible construe as over confidence.

Fat lot of good that's done us.

We were due to move in a couple of weeks. The timing was perfect, just tying into the end of our current lease. The sellers had already started packing. Now the house that they were buying has been taken off the market. They're back to square one. And we've got nowhere to live after March twentieth. Of course, the in-laws (Gawd bless 'em) will put us up temporarily.

I just hope the sellers can find a new house fairly quickly as I can already picture my little office all kitted out with index cards, desk tidies and a nice big notice board and flip chart. Not to mention our cat, when we get one (keep those name's coming by the way).

Bloody providence. I never even said it was going well. Except maybe once.


  1. I'm gutted for you, mate. We had a tough time finding a place too, so I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    As for the cat's name, I suggest "μ".

  2. Cheers, we're just hoping the vendors new purchase goes through quick. Moving in with the in-laws as of Thursday!

    Good suggestion for the cats name, again the same issue of calling Puss in for tea though.

    Actually, I've suddenly realised that as we're likely to rehome a cat, rather than get a kitten, he or she may come with a name already in situ, so to speak. I'll probably end up with a cat called Tiddles or somesuch. Might have to call it Felidae secretly, when it's out of earshot (which will be quite some distance for a cat).