Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Improve the profile of your Website with Rhydian Roberts

If I'd realised the effect mentioning 'The X Factor' would have on The Island of Dreams hit rate I wouldn't have spent seven months talking about writing, classic television and comics. Live and learn. I was going to talk about today's 'Fairytale in New York' farrago but I'm scared I can't do it justice!

Hello to all the Rhydian fans passing through here. I thought he should have won too - although he wasn't my favourite; despite my being Welsh. The media seems to believe that thinking Rhydian should have won only occurs in the Welsh, and vice versa presumably.

More words later this week; and on more familiar topics. In the meantime two reminders;

Bang2Write's logline competition closes tommorrow.

Don't miss the Screen Wipe Christmas Special tomorrow night.


  1. Hi there

    Two points

    1. It may be mainly my fault that you got so many hits. I picked up your X Factor post, really enjoyed it , then linked to it on my Rhydian blog: http://rhydianxfactor.blogspot.com/

    2. Thanks for reminding me about Mr Brookner's show tomorrow

    I think you are a fine writer. You can be a guest writer in my blog as much as you like as long as it's about Rhydian / X Factor. I will give you full link backs. I am thinking about starting another reality TV blog in the near-ish future, maybe next Big Brother, and thought it would be good to get together some writers to make it special. I have one or two 'friends' who are interested and I would love to have you involved too if that sort of thing appeals. Give me a shout on

  2. Don't apologise, it was nice to have an audience for once.

    Thanks for your comments. I'm not a big reality TV viewer but I may be interested; reality shows certainly give us something to talk about...