Monday, December 31, 2007

Enter 2008... (Stage Right)

Ok, I know I promised a review of Voyage of the Damned, it IS on the way - honest. In the meantime I've compiled my New Years resolutions/challenges.

I didn't have a blog last year so I can't use it to gauge this years achievements. Unfortunately I'd say a lot of the things on this list would have been on it last year too. On the other hand I passed my driving test, changed my career and moved to the Midlands so it wasn't a total loss.

Here is what we want from 2008

  • Write daily, establish a routine.
  • Complete a clutch of scripts in time for SFW '08 in Cheltenham.
  • Make some contacts/promote myself more.
  • (Finally) send a follow up script to Writers Room.
  • Enter Red Planet '08.
  • Send a steady stream of spec scripts to 2000AD.
  • Most importantly - get something published or produced somewhere.
  • At least one bog update per week - and on a broader range of subjects.
  • Maybe a little fiction on the blog now and again?
  • Low Carb diet and plenty of regular exercise.
  • Possibly create a new website.
  • Buy a house.
  • Have a proper holiday (like abroad and everything!).
  • Organise time so Emma and I have more 'quality' time together.
  • Watch plenty of good telly, films and theatre.
  • Read constantly.
  • Build a Linux machine.
  • Get more enjoyment from small pleasures.
It's not that much really, eh? In the scheme of things. Just laying the bedrock for a productive writing career. My greatest problem is not completing projects and if I can't beat that Devil in 2008 then I might as well quit. Yes, you can hold me to that.

That's it then, good luck for the new year everyone. May it bring us all success and happiness. If you're partying tonight drink responsibly and have a good time.

Happy New Year!


  1. just write... dont stop, dont look back, just do it.

    even if you're only writing crap to be pulled out later, write it. research it later. fix it later. write.

    I know... every time I stop I manage to make excuses not to write for weeks, months... once a full year...

    write. you're funny, charming, well thought... I'm positive we'll all love it.

  2. Drink responsibly??? WE'RE BRITISH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feedback on the logline entries is up on my blog btw.