Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is mostly a good week...

Feeling pretty good this week. Work is still busy but it feels less like hammering carrots into my eye sockets with a swede... not sure about the vegetable motif there.

Anyway, more importantly I'm feeling pretty creative. I'm taking a positive step forward with the Writers Room project and I've come up with a couple of new ideas since I stopped trying to develop competition entries.


Watched Chris Smith's 'Creep' at the weekend. I love the British Horror film as a concept and an ideal as much as a genre so it was a pleasure to find it a quality hour and a half of entertainment. What's not to love about a film about people trapped in the London Underground?!

Moreover it inspired me to have another go at a horror script. Years ago, when the world was young I had a pipe dream about making a horror film set in a huge park (modelled on Bute Park in my native Cardiff). This barman walking his dog would stumble across a bunch of latter day druids invoking some cyclopian horror from beyond the dawn of time. It would have been great.
I even bought 'The Guerrilla Filmakers Handbook'. Sadly I couldn't find anyone to help me make 'Hours of Darkness' (as I was going to call it) a reality. I think this time I'll just worry about the script, it's too much like hard work doing all that financing, directing, acting and so on.

I have therefore challenged myself to come up with a script that would sit nicely on a shelf with Dog Soldiers, Severance, Creep, The Descent, 28 Days Later and all the other great British Horrors of recent years. No pressure then.


I don't really go in for techie talk but I've recently started using Opera. It's bloody marvellous. Much more reliable than Microsoft Explorer and full of cool intuitive little features. One draw back is that I can't post on this blog with Opera, for some reason it throws all the formatting out. If it weren't for that it'd be perfect.

Go get some, it's free!


  1. Creep is a fine film. I only have one reservation with it: the sexual torture scene which I felt was out of sync with the tone and mood of the rest of the film. Otherwise a decent modern British horror. And tense too!

    When it comes to Pagan-baiting Welsh-based horror films do you know the film 'Darklands'? Not made by Jesus & The Mary Chain.

  2. Yes, that torture scene marred the film a little for me too. Very atmospheric film though.

    'Darklands' is a new one on me but it sounds great. I'll be seeking that out on ebay I think.

  3. Sorry for delay... wrist problem!

    The torture scene seems to have disconcerted several people when I've mentioned it to them. But it's a very atmospheric film and properly tense. A little reminscent of Deathline- in a good way!

    'Darklands' is one to see but don't get many hopes up on it; it's flawed in many, many ways... but one to seek out on the 'Bay.