Monday, October 08, 2007

Opportunity Rocks

Fancy a few days in Edinburgh with Adrian Mead? I do (not like that - I'm married), so I'll be submitting an entry to the Scottish Book Trust's Screenwriting lab - especially now the deadline has been extended to next Monday.

The event has already been covered in some depth on Vicious Imagery so if you've not seen it go and take a look. It couldn't be easier to apply 'In order to apply for SCREENWRITING LAB we are asking that you submit a 1-3 minute long sample script, inspired by the theme CHOICES,' says the website. What could be easier than spitting out three pages of script? It's just got to be good enough to get you a place on the course, so no pressure.

Again, it's been covered by Robin, Stuart and many more but you might want to get a piece of 4 Talent's Pilot competition. You've got till November 23rd to dream up a twenty three minute pilot for a drama series. I've got this killer idea about a team of young sexy female kung-fu fire fighters - it's called Red Hot. Actually, that's good...


Is it me or has Eastenders been a lot better recently? I think it's important for anyone who wants to write for television to keep their hand in with the soaps but for a long time I've found it a little challenging to take an interest in the Square. Not so last week, some interesting plotlines afoot. It's no Corrie, mind (anyone else notice tonight's Coronation Street was direct by Alan Wareing - responsible for helming classic 80's Doctor Who stories Survival and Ghost Light?).

Staying with telly Robin Hood was back at the weekend. Still bloody good fun and a little bit moodier than last year. I don't care what the joyless drones say; I think it's cracking Saturday night entertainment and I wish I could write for it! How much cooler than Robin is the Nightwatchman though, eh?

Right, can't stop - work to be done and Doc Martin at nine. It's research, OK? Ciao.

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