Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still in Sedgley...

Don't want to curse anything (again) but it seems likely we will finally have a home of our own from next weekend. It hasn't been the easiest process finding a place to live in Worcester but Sedgley has proved a pleasant place to pass a month and we have had the most hospitable of hosts.

As a consequence of having all my worldly possessions in boxes and no desk to call my own it can hardly be said that I've been at my most productive in terms of writing. Somehow balancing my laptop on my knee while I sit in the spare room hasn't been as conducive to the creative faculties as I might have hoped.

Once we're safely installed in Worcester I hope normal service will resume both in terms of the work I have outstanding and keeping this blog up to date.

As long as nothing goes wrong...

1 comment:

  1. today i enrolled a girl from sedgely into the college, i didn't ask her if she knew emmas parents though i should imagine she probably did.

    small world, isn't it?

    i too move at the weekend, hooray.

    i hate moving house, i hope yours is pleasent.