Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let's get it started...

The ordeal is over. The hour is upon us. It’s the end of the road. Dunroamin. I have moved house.

It only took six weeks.

The truth is we moved in last week but I’ve been tied up with a writing project and with some actual real-life stuff too.

Plus I’m relying on a dial-up internet connection till next week. About that – why do I imagine the sound of a ZX spectrum loading every time I click a link? Dial-up is like travelling back in time, only slower. And Scrabbulous won’t work (not that I’m winning any games). Rubbish.

I was almost glad to get back to work and an internet connection that wasn’t powered by six wheezing gerbils in a treadmill. Almost.


Emma and I had a lovely walk along the river Severn on Saturday and paid a visit to Worcester Cathedral. The Cathedral has existed in some form since the seventh century and has played a part in a great deal of British history. We were amazed to discover that King John resides there. Apparently he was so fond of Worcester, and of the Benedictine community that lived at the Cathedral at the time, that he asked to be buried there when he died. So in 1216, the year after he had signed the Magna Carta, King John moved in down the road from me.

Stanley Baldwin, Richard Edes and Arthur Tudor (Henry VIII's elder brother) are other famous residents, as well as your religious types such as Saints Wulfstan and Oswald. The crypt begun by St Wulfstan in the 1080’s is now open to the public. It’s slightly magical to enter that chamber and imagine people discussing the Norman conquest in there as we might now discuss whether or not there’s going to be an election.


On the writing front I’m about to finally revisit Hitman, and whip it into shape for Writers Room. I’ve resolved to finish all my ‘in progress’ projects over the next few months. I’ve now had several responses to my last sitcom which have all pretty much added up to ‘we like it but we don’t want to make it – show us something else’. So I’m going to stop worrying about game-plans and time-wasting and get a body of work behind me.

Danny Stack’s recent post has made me seriously consider joining the Writers Guild and I think it’s time I put a bit more energy into networking and meeting other writers.

The recent successes of David Bishop and Jason Arnopp have shown that hard bloody graft really does pay off. I don’t think I can say that I’ve worked hard enough at this writing game so far and that needs to change.

Call it an autumnal resolution, it’s either late or early.

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