Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Who's bad?

Things have been a bit hectic in the real life recently and are likely to remain so until the start of next month.

At the moment we're looking for a place to live in Worcester (-on-sea), which is proving trickier than Emma or I had anticipated (and we're not exactly famed for our optimism). Still we're off to view a couple of houses this afternoon so fingers crossed.

I finish my job of eight years this week to move into a totally new area of the company and off of the front lines of entertainment retail. Yes, from next week when people ask what I do I'll be able to tell them I work in IT. This is initially going to involve some stays in London Village which is exciting, though I'm not a big fan of being away from home. In fact much of the next month will involve me rocketing between London, Solihull, Worcester and Cardiff. What a glamorous jet setter, eh? It'll be like The Persuaders. I'll be Danny Wilde.

With less than a week till I start my new role I'm getting a little nervous. In a good way, I guess.


My real-life preoccupations only partway explain why this is the first blog post for three weeks. I've also been having a bit of a crisis of confidence. Everything I've tried to write has felt dull and lifeless, which has further sapped my confidence. Of course, as Daniel Peak (Two Pints of Lager..., My Hero, I'm With Stupid) says, 'Give yourself the freedom to be crap and put some words on the page, even if they don't make sense, even if it's just rubbing your face against the keyboard'. Perhaps that's where I've been going wrong.

At it's conclusion I wrote a review of Jekyll which I though was so boring and listless I hid it again. I'm going to put it back up unaltered because sometimes we don't write well but it doesn't mean we have the luxury of hiding it, or not writing at all.


I know now which script I'm going to enter into the Red Planet Competition. It's not a new one as my new ideas need more development and research than I have time to give them now - but it's still one I like a lot. The new ideas will sit on the back burner growing and demanding more attention. One in particular is a wicked idea for a returning drama that I really believe has potential and deserves to be clearly developed ready for me to brandish in some desperate exec's face at just the right moment to ensure my eternal fame as the new Glen A. Larson or Stephen J. Cannell.


I'll try to post a bit more regularly over the next few weeks and not be such a wet fop about it. As always please drop in and say hello, even if it's just to mock my Jekyll review or tell me to get back to work.

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