Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Room 133

Quick update as I'm wantonly hemorrhaging money via BTOpenworld's Wireless Broadband scheme (which apparently offer "great flexibility with low-cost vouchers" - unfortunately I could only find the £6 an hour ones!).

The week is going well. Yesterday was a bit hectic and got off to a bad start thanks to my nervous energy. Today the new job was starting to make some sense and I feel less like I'm about to be rumbled and led back to my old job due to some administration error.

The hotel is very pucker. Just enjoyed Mushroom Risotto for dinner - followed up by two for £2 cookies from M&S (Stem Ginger and Fruity Flapjack fact fans). Had a Mushroom & Cheese burger at The Marlborough Head last night - top pub incidentally - so stopped at the hotel this evening.

Absolutely no writey work done so far. My brain is absorbing so much new information it's busting at it's seems by the time evening comes. This is becoming a source of stress in itself.

Meeting with friends for a drink in Soho tomorrow night so that should offer an opportunity to recharge and let my hair down a little. Despite missing Emma terribly it is nice to be in London, even for dull work type reasons.

Right, must dash - I think I hear BT emptying my wallet out of the window.

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