Friday, August 10, 2007

end of.

Tomorrow is my last day in my current job. It's also my last day in the busy high street entertainment retail game. In fact, it's also my last day of serving the public, handling cash and (hopefully) unpaid overtime. It's a really strange feeling but also one of those occasions when you suspect you should be more affected than you are by what's happening to you. Or is that just me and my slightly muffled, anaesthetised approach to life-living?

Anyway, next week I'm 'training' in London (by which I mean realising I actually know nothing about computers, probably). A massive opportunity to put some hours in on any of the legion writing projects I should currently be working on. I should also be able to blog regularly as we live in the future so I'll likely be able to connect to the inertweb via wifi magik.

On the other hand if you hear nothing from me it's because the bit of London I'm staying in (Soho-ish) isn't in the future after all.


Got back into listening to Big Finish since I've been driving to work and back. The quality has improved markedly since they started sticking to the 25 minute episode length. I must say how much I enjoyed Exotron; really excellent (and not just because John Duttine's in it). The emotional undercurrent of Paul Sutton's script reminded me strongly why the new TV series is so successful. Picking up tips like these from the current television production will surely guarantee the continued quality of Big Finish plays.

I've not been bothering with the 'extra features' until today but the radio wouldn't pick up Chris Evans on the way home so I enjoyed Nick Briggs audio tour of London instead. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work gang.


Finally, we decided on the house in the city. We've expressed our interest and now have to 'apply'. The property isn't going to be ready for us to move in before our current lease expires so Emma's parents have kindly offered us a roof while we wait to inhabit our new home. It's not ideal, especially with Emma needing to commute to Worcester, but hopefully will all turn out okay just in the nick of time as usually happens. After this year I'll never complain about my luck again (this is blatantly not true).

If you're wondering, apparently the flooding only reached halfway up the street.

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