Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Red Planet Screenwriting Competition

Tony Jordan's new company Red Planet Pictures are launching an annual competition to find new screenwriting talent. The judging panel consists of Mr Jordan himself as well as Julie Gardner, Mark Gatiss and Stephen Fry.

Is this a wind up?!

The closing date is September 1st so it looks like work on my sitcom may have to be sped up. I'm really motivated and excited by this. Tony Jordan, and Kudos, have been responsible for some of the best telly of the last five years - and Julie Gardner and Mark Gatiss were at least involved in the rest.

This is one deadline that I simply cannot allow to pass.

The winner gets a commission from Red Planet, representation and a five thousand pound prize. Plus finalists get a workshop day with Tony Jordan.

Actually it turns out Red Planet are even opening an office in Cardiff. According to the ICWales website.

The decision to open a base in the Welsh capital follows efforts by the BBC and the Assembly Government to encourage independent drama production companies to locate in Wales.
Red Planet hopes to work closely with BBC Wales on a raft of projects.
Red Planet founder Tony Jordan said, "Wales is a very exciting place to be right now for drama and I'm looking forward to working with [senior BBC executives] Menna Richards, Julie Gardner, Claire Hudson and Julie Scott in Cardiff.

"We have also received invaluable support in this venture from the Welsh Assembly Government via Creative Business Wales. This has been instrumental in influencing our decision to set up here."

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  1. It's a ridiculously good competition, isn't it? I'm writing a new TV drama script for it...

  2. I've Enterd too, I've entered a Film Script, Sort of a comedy with a quite serious underlining plot.

    Good luck to all who enter.