Saturday, July 07, 2007

Merces Letifer

So we draw to the end of Writey Week 2, as I always intended to take Sunday off (at the moment we're planning a jaunt to Bristol Zoo and lunch with a friend). I've worked for a at least three or four hours every day this week and I'm thrilled to be able to say that I have something tangible to show for it.

On Monday I wrote a new scene breakdown for the script I've been planning to write and send to the BBC for about six months. On Tuesday I began writing the first draft. I have just, a few short moments ago, written Run End Credits at the end of page 52. Impressive considering that it took me about six months to write the first draft of Rik's Records, and probably another six to revise it until I was happy enough with (or sick enough of) it to send it to Writers Room.

This new script is a pilot for a potential series I'm calling 'Hitman'. It is the darkly comic tale of an unlikely killer. The pilot is titled 'Secret Origins'.

The deadline I set myself, to have posted it by September, looks likely to be beaten comfortably. I'll leave it for a week now while I work on other projects (Yes I'm looking at you 2000AD Future Shock script, Interzone short Story and Red Planet Productions Prize). In the mean time the harshest of my critics (and greatest of my supporters) will take a first look at the script and see what she thinks.

This is a happy, happy day for me and the end of a great week that has seen me do little but write and watch great telly. I've enjoyed the first episode of Jekyll, series one of Coupling, all of The Thick of It, a wee bit of Spooks, part one of The Singing Detective and the pilot episode of Steptoe and Son. No wonder I felt motivated.

I'll leave you, in the tradition of Russell T Davies' DWM Production Notes, with three words from the script; 'mincer', 'hamster' and 'Greyskull'.

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