Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I don't know nuffin' about no skellingtons...

After some fifteen months of fluffed parrallel parks and dodgy roundabouts the DVLA finally saw fit to grant me a full driving licence on May 29th, two days before my thirty second birthday. The fact that this occurred just two weeks after my wife defeated her own demons and gained a full licence added fuel to the celebrations.

Strange to think that a month ago I was wondering if I would ever pass my test or if I was rather doomed to only ever know driving as something you did on your day off while paying a man to watch you and chat about rock music. Now I bomb up and down the M4 everyday like Adam West zipping out of the Batcave in his Lincoln. That said I do miss my instructor.

No disasters so far though I've had a couple of scares. I worry that I'll become complacent and make mistakes but I guess everyone does, except them as don't.

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I haven't produced a lot of work in the two weeks since my last entry. I sent my SFX Pulp Idol entry in (called 'Human Experience' and featuring the words 'napalm', 'handkerchief' and 'Shakespeare'). Emma was a stringent editor who questioned every unnecessary sentence. I'm not sure I could have shaved 900 words off it without her help.

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The last three episodes of Doctor Who have probably been the best three episode run in the history of the series. I will cover them in more detail but I find it incredible (and a bit scary) that Steven Moffat is able to produce work of this class and invention with such consistency.
The television version of Human Nature, as expected, is one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time.

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My spare moments in the last two weeks have seen me catching up on Heroes, the excellent NBC show to be screened on BBC2 later this year. With one episode to go I heartily recommend that anyone who reads this makes a point of watching this exciting and ingenious slice of telly at the earliest opportunity. It is excellent.

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Watched Hot Fuzz again last night. It is a very funny film. I still prefer Shaun of the Dead but it's probably because it's a zombie film. I also have the feeling that the internal logic of Shaun makes more sense but surely that's just silly?


  1. You passed your driving test IN THE FUTURE! The Doctor would be proud indeed, well done

  2. Ha!

    Now I have to fix it, which will make gibberish of your comment.

    Cheers though!