Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ban this sick filth...

Just to be clear then.

Psychological horror films involving murder and mutilation intended for an adult audience = acceptable.

Psychological horror game involving murder and mutilation intended for an adult audience = unacceptable.

'Gangsta' culture being poured into our children's heads encouraging questionable attitudes to women, placing low value on educational achievement, and glamorising violence through the medium of films and pop music = acceptable.

Adult entertainment controlled via legal certificate = unacceptable.

'Lads mags' plastered with naked girls and filled with the kind of depraved rotten filth and freakshows you used to have to search for on the internet but now available to browse in your local newsagent = acceptable.

Video game = unacceptable.

Remember when James Ferman got replaced by some other nameless suit and the BBFC passed every film they'd previously banned since about 1971? I remember thinking 'Jeez guys, you don't have to pass everything!'

Well it took a while but in a way it's nice to see them lose all reason and ban something for no clear reason. Somebody buy them a dictionary and pick out the word 'equitable' with a fluorescent marker.

It isn't that I was looking forward to 'Manhunt 2' by the way. I just don't like knee-jerk reactions.

That is all.

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