Tuesday, May 22, 2007

too many faces...

I think I scared a colleague the other day. I asked how busy the shopping centre was and he told me it was quite busy. So I said I probably wouldn't go out for my usual breath of fresh air because there would be 'too many faces'. I don't know what possessed me to say that out loud. I suppose sometimes we think things to ourselves so often that it's easy to accidentally say it out loud like anyone would understand.

I should explain. For a few years now I've felt that most people's faces look familiar. When I see a new person, someone I haven't met before, they already look familiar. I theorise that there are two possible explanations for this.

Firstly, perhaps my memory only has room enough for a limited number of faces. So after that number has been reached the older faces are wiped from my face-archive and new, more recent faces are assigned to those individuals instead (this explains why I never think people look the same when I see them after a period of time).

The second possible explanation is that I have discovered a glitch in the universe. That glitch being that there are only a limited number of faces available in creation and I actually have seen them all.

In any case the phrase 'too many faces' is now being hurled back at me on a daily basis as it amuses my colleagues so much.

------ ------ ------

As real life caught up with me last week I found myself less able to spend time writing. This is the classic excuse of course and I must do better. It was all going pretty well until Thursday and then some workplace politics put me off my stroke.

As a result it's a whole week since my last entry - rubbish. I have not been completely idle however. I'm ready to script my Future Shock and anticipate submitting it within a few weeks. I may crack out a few more over the next couple of months as I've been reminding myself why and how much I love comics this week.

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News of a reputable sounding Doctor Who fan fiction ezine has excited me today. An introduction by Paul Cornell and the involvement of Mags L Halliday must be a seal of quality? I've looked at some fan fiction sites on the internet and literally been terrified by what I've seen (I never really thought of K-9 as a sexual presence).

I've a rather fun second Doctor story in need of a home, I wonder if they are looking for material...

------ ------ ------

In other news Emma passed her driving test last week. Whilst this is fantastic news and a great achievement it does mean that we now have to buy a car. We have actually just returned from nonchalantly drifting around a used car lot with our hands in our pockets trying to look at cars like we know what we're doing. A bit like cows skipping into an abattoir.

A man approached us and asked if we needed help so of course we told him no. We may have to get Emma's Dad to help us. I am thirty-one.

We were going to go for a walk into town then but because it's so sunny there were a lot of faces out. Too many really. We came back home instead.

------ ------ ------

It's very nearly time for us to watch the two part season finale to 24 series six. Will it all turn out OK? Is Chloe going to contribute anything at all to this series? Is Wayne going to wake up? Will we find out what happened to Logan?

Do I really care when Heroes is so very much better?


  1. Your face-archive musings had me a-chuckling, Sir. It was the laughter of recognition, though, I suspect. I'm quite bad with faces, but in a different context: if two people look similar in a movie, I have trouble distinguishing between them. Wonder if there's a name for it. Facelexia, or something.

    Hush with your 24 Season 6 talk! I'm only on Season 2. :)

  2. Visagapathy? Mushiness? Possibly just a little teeny bit NUTS?!?!?!

    I'm cooking up an overview of series six so don't look at that when it appears. I do usually signpost anything spoilerous.

    Ah, day two. Will we ever see the like again? 24 rocks; enjoy the next four days.


  3. apparently the definition of middle age is: when everyone you meet reminds you of someone you already know

  4. i understand the faces thing, you get the same thing withe rpersonality types, like plots of stories there are only a finite number of people types. though some are mixed versions of others. it can be comforting to meet people almost exactly the same as someone you already know but also very confusing, as you can't remember which one you were talking to about what, or oin my case who's jokes your ripping off.