Wednesday, May 09, 2007

blog it baby, yeah...

Quick update on how writey week is going. Actually finished a short story this morning. I've been writing a lot this week but not actually fiction or scripts so it's nice to say I've created something. Irritatingly it was a story I started for the Big Finish Short Story competition but was too pathetic to finish in time. D'oh. It's ok though, needs a bit of polish but I'll let it settle a while first. I'm pretty sure BF have an open submission policy away so maybe I'll submit it eventually. Seeing as they're currently working through a couple of thousand competition entries I may leave that a while too though, eh?

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On the other hand I've been blogging my blogs off. Hope the Spidey review isn't too dull, I normally try to keep reviews pretty brief but I had more to say than I expected.
I may chuck a couple of more bits on here later as I'm up to date on 24 (Quick verdict - much better but can it erase the awful memory of the middle third?), and finished The Highest Science last night (Really good fun but bizarre conclusion). Next up? Something More by Paul Cornell, or possibly The English Civil War by Diane Purkiss; depends how I feel. Emma is currently reading the Screenburn collection which basically involves her giggling like a lunatic and reading every other paragraph out to me. Not that I mind as it is debilitatingly funny.

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Enough words for now. Perhaps more later. Have to monkey about with the DVD player this afternoon as it has ceased to function. Technology eh? I used an old Betamax VCR for years and years and never had a problem with it. It had great big ker-chunk keys like an old cassette deck. You had to throw all your body weight down on the buttons to make it go. They don't build 'em like that anymore.

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  1. I love those old tank-esque VCRs. Things of beauty! You could kill a rhino with 'em.