Saturday, May 12, 2007

BBC ruining Television and Hammer rises from the Crypt...

You may have heard about the BBC's new plans for the end credits of it's programmes. Starting June 4th they're going to be ruining them as completely as they can manage.

Charlie Brooker is very excited about this and quite right too. I suggest you follow the link and see what he has to say on the matter as he phrases it much more clearly than I could. What I will add though is that I will be complaining via the BBC's website every time their new policy irritates me, which is likely to be pretty regularly (about 7.45pm every Saturday evening). On each programme page there is a 'Contact Us' link designed for just this purpose. I urge you to use it as and when appropriate.

I thought it was bad when they just talked over the middle eight...

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Hammer Films are in the news as they've been taken over again. This time though we're to expect new films. We've heard all this before of course but the level of publicity is something new as is purportedly £50,000,000 behind the brand.

In my excitement I emailed them to find out if they would be soliciting original scripts but have yet to get a reply (I imagine they're pretty busy).

I was concerned to see Simon Oakes talking about 'reimaginings' of Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy but this may have been influenced by the interviewer. I hope they have something more imaginative and contemporary in mind than revisiting former glories.

Time will tell...

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It's the end of Writey week. This has been an encouraging week for me as I've produced more work this week than I probably have in the last year. I still didn't achieve all my aims for the week but I did prove to myself that I can get up every day and write for a couple of hours if I really want to. Also I found that each day I wrote more and longer so I guess it's like any physical exercise you take i that you start gentle and work up. Shouldn't be any problem me fitting in my hour a day when I'm back in work from Monday then should it?

Also this week has created 'The Island of Dreams' where we now sit. This blog has been a great help in motivating me to write this week and I hope it will continue to do so. Expect it to continue to be updated regularly with my reviews, observations and updates on my writing.

If anyone wishes to comment on anything they see here, or any subjects covered, please feel free to do so...

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